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What if humans could expand their senses, and their fingertips became capable of independent thinking?
Robot hands equipped with our pre-touch sensor become just that.

Robot hands that can perceive, think, and judge objects on their own.
This innovation will bring about major changes in numerous areas and transform the nature of robots altogether.

We are confident about this.


Pre-Touch Sensor TK-01

"Pre-touch" means a non-human way of perceiving the presence of objects without relying on vision or touch.
Thinker's Pre-Touch Sensor TK-01 achieves this through its unique sensing technology,
which simultaneously measures the distance and shape of an object.
It is now possible to capture the shape of objects,
including blind spots, and to recognize mirror surfaces and transparent materials.
In the field of robot manipulation, these tasks have been considered major challenges.

Upgrades made possible
with Pre-Touch Sensor TK-01

  • 01

    Substantially expanding the scope of
    use for robot hands

    Pre-Touch Sensor TK-01 contains an infrared diffuse emitter and receiver, which enables the detection of objects that have been difficult to recognize with conventional image technology or optical sensors. With the ability to handle objects that formerly posed a challenge for robot hands, such as transparent, mirrored, and unsorted items, these features open up the possibility of implementing robot hands in new applications, areas, and work sites with very promising outlooks.

    Substantially expanding the scope of use for robot hands
  • 02

    Robot teaching made simple

    Pre-Touch Sensor TK-01 can measure the distance and shape of an object in detail and with high accuracy. This allows the robot hands to be operated with rough teaching because the fingertip position can be fine-tuned according to the situation. Not only does it reduce the operational workload of SIers and on-site workers, but it also contributes to cost reduction by shortening the time required to switch settings to accommodate multiple product types and variations in shape.

    Robot teaching made simple
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  • Company Name

    Thinker Inc.

  • Establishment Date

    August 12, 2022

  • Management Team

    Chief Executive Officer (Co-Founder)
    FUJIMOTO Hiromichi
    Executive Director (Co-Founder)
    KOYAMA Keisuke (Assistant Professor at Osaka University, Graduate School of Engineering Science)
    Chief Technology Officer
    NAKANO Motoki
    Chief Financial Officer
    TSURUHAMA Tetsukazu

  • Business Outline

    Commercialization of an unprecedented robot sensor based on pre-touch sensing

  • Office Location

    Osaka Office
    Osaka Center Bld. 6F #188, 4-1-3 Kyutaro-machi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, 541-0056 Japan
    Development Base
    6-5-2, Sakyo, Nara-shi, 631-0801 Japan


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